Shelly Wilson’s beautiful soul can be felt on every page of this practical, meaningful guide. A truly lovely representation of what it means to embrace a spiritual lifestyle! ~ Lisa McCourt, founder of The Love Shack and author of books about love that have sold over 8 million copies,

Embracing the Magic Within is an empowering tool for authentic inside-out living in a world all too focused on external desires and illusions. Shelly Wilson offers inspiration, action steps, stories, insights and personal experiences to illustrate the necessity of reconnecting with the magical inner self, the real self, and living from that place of power and self-awareness. A must-have book for those seeking to discover or rediscover the true passion and purpose of their lives. ~ Marie D. Jones, Writer/Producer,

Embracing the Magic Within is filled with wisdom and simple, clear, powerful suggestions and personal stories on how to live your life more fully. Magic is normal. You really do create your own reality. Shelly Wilson makes this so easy to understand and apply in our own lives. She is a truly gifted medium, and I am very grateful for her sharing her insights in this remarkable book. ~ Dean Shrock, Ph.D., Author of Doctor’s Orders: Go Fishing and Why Love Heals,

Shelly Wilson has outdone herself in showing us all how to embrace our magic within through magic of her own writing. This book is a must-have on your shelf. She has shown us not only how to embrace the magic within each and every one of us, but also how to find that magical force and practice that force. Through her words, she has taught us how to become better than we are and how to reach for beauty in our lives through her own powerful spiritual lessons she has learned within her own life. What beautiful and amazing words she has written that will inspire us all to look at life differently and in a better way of understanding our lessons while here on this planet. She is a force to be reckoned with. ~ Nikki Pattillo, Author of Children of the Stars: Advice for Parents and Star Children and A Spiritual Evolution, and

Embracing the Magic Within is a delightful guide full of important information for those of us who want to reconnect with their authentic, magical self. Life is supposed to be magical! Magic, flow and synchronicity feel so good because they reveal our essence and true identity. Shelly takes readers on a journey into the world of the spirit and shows us how we can create magic in our own lives. A must-read for everyone who wants to live a magical life. I am certainly one of them. Thank you, Shelly, for this gem! ~ Baptist de Pape, Author of The Power of the Heart,

I had an online reading with Shelly Wilson quite some time ago, and I have been a fan ever since. Her gifts brought me so much clarity. The insight I received from that reading I still utilize in my daily life to this day. Her book is a must-read because she really KNOWS how to share the Magic we all have within us. ~ Glenn Scarpelli, Actor and Owner/Founder of Sedona NOW TV

You picked up this book for a reason. The universe speaks to us many ways.  ‘Embracing the Magic Within,‘ that is, if we are willing to be open and receive its lessons. Shelly Wilson’s insights will help open that inner spirit. This book is a burning bush….a road sign that gives insight and helps empower! Remember, it is about you, and you being open to receive its gifts! ~ Mel Minitor, Publisher/Event Manager with LightStream Productions,

Shelly Wilson’s book, Embracing the Magic Within, is magical itself. It is easy to read and includes experiences she has had on her journey. The book includes inspirational quotes from other authors, examples and help for you to embrace the magic within you. You will truly enjoy reading this book of self-discovery of the magic within. ~ Veronica Winkler, Intuitive Counselor, Reiki Master and Meditation teacher,

Your life path and all actions (and inactions) in it are exactly what was planned. You are right where you are supposed to be at this moment. There are no coincidences. Instead of any other option, you are perusing this book. What will you do with the knowledge that you could glean inside here? Will you engage in the magic Shelly discusses so deftly? Or will the knowledge lie dormant only to come out later? Or will you reject it wholesale? A certain percentage of you will end up embracing this book’s magic. Your life will be fuller for it. The world and those inhabiting it will be incrementally enriched because of you. Thank you in advance for your choice. Thank you for being you. ~ T. Sharpe, Adventurer, Investor, Philanthropist and Aspiring Author

This book is wonderful! It is overflowing with inspiration and tools to guide the reader on their journey within. The exercises and tips are practical and relatable to those who are experienced or just waking up. It is clear that Shelly Wilson has found her life’s work, and I feel fortunate to be on the receiving end of her gifts. ~ Shela Tarwater Crump, Intuitive Breath Guide, Mentor and Founder at LifeSpiral Services, 

I have had the great fortune to be with Shelly Wilson from the beginning. Across these years, I have watched her steadily rise in her magic from getting her feet wet in a small, local spirit fair to growing into the radiant butterfly you see before you today. Now, Shelly splashes magic on others who are summoning their bravery and daring to begin getting their own feet wet. And here again, she gifts us all with that wisdom she bears that is clearly from a very ancient place. May we all find and embrace that same magic that is conscious inside each and every one of us. ~ Lloyd Matthew Thompson, Author of The Energy of God, as well as Lightworker and Energyworker,